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nature & Human effects on the environment

OGDEN, Utah – A pair of young beavers credited for helping keep an oil spill out of Willard Bay are now recovering in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Ogden.

A Chevron fuel spill was discovered near Willard Bay on Monday afternoon and crews spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday working to repair the broken 8-inch pipeline that caused the spill and the fuel that had spread through the area.

Cleanup crews say a beaver dam helped stop the fuel from reaching Willard Bay, but a pair of beavers were covered in the fuel and sent to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Ogden for cleanup and recovery. (1)

These animals are an example of how mother nature can protect humans as well as animals when it comes to harmful things like fuel spills. the animals here had no intentions of saving a towns water supply from damaging fuel spills, they were simple living as nature intended them to. the major crude oil spills have caused many hardships for humans that society rarely considers the affects on wildlife. Humans are the cause of these problems and it will be all of nature that has to suffer from the land, to the air, the water, and the animals. If we dont want to change the way we live to better our own health and the lives of our children we should at least do it for the animals that do not have a voice to talk.


the beaver here is completely covered in fuel from the pipeline burst, it cannot open its eyes from the painful burn of the fuel

Employees at the center spent six hours bathing the two beavers, washing them twice with Dawn dish detergent. The pair were put on medication to help recover.

The beavers were reported doing a little better on Wednesday. One of the two is still lethargic, nauseated and didn’t have much of an appetite. The second has started moving around and has started eating a bit. (1)


you can tell once the beavers was washed several times the difference in the fur, and the animal is attempting to open its eyes

another story of nature and human effects causing disaster : A man made disaster was made even worse by nature Wednesday night, as a severe thunderstorm hit Mayflower, Arkansas spreading the Exxon Mobil oil spill to the yards of homes along the cove and the main body of Lake Conway.(2) 

– For nearly two weeks, Exxon has maintained that oil has not reached Lake Conway, despite clear evidence both from aerial video and on-the-ground guerrilla reporting that showed oil had spread throughout a cove and wetlands, which are connected through ground water and drainage culverts to the main body of the lake. Images captured Wednesday night should put any doubt to rest that the main body of Lake Conway is now contaminated with oil. (2)

Over 40 homes had to be evacuated and that left families with the concern of finding new homes, maybe new schools, and even new jobs. In this economy that is not an easy task for anyone unless you are a millionaire and can afford to pay for the damages done by the oil spills. What makes the matter even worse is now the exxon mobil are claiming in the fine print that crude oil is different from the oil that was written down in agreements. Basically saying that since its not specifically written in agreement they are not responsible for paying for the damages caused by the spill. They have found a way to cop out of their responsibility for the damages done to the homes of the families as well as the community. The damages will last for years to come and they don’t have to do a thing about it. How is that fair or just in any way? Politicians who are behind the expansion of the keystone pipeline want to ensure american people that the pipeline will not break, and provide records of new and improved pipelines and manufacturers to build them. They have already broken that record by the spills that have happened this past year and its only may!






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