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composting = restoring


American society, politics especially are using the resources of our country in a way that is completely negative for the environment from oil spills to allowing  GMO plants in our soil that contaminate our farmland. I say society because we buy these products the majority of Americans live within an economy where we have to pay more money for healthy food from distributors making it cost less to eat food-like products, or fast-food and consumer products. The effects are damaging and endless unless we do our part in restoring the environment an most importantly our home. Composting is something so simple that you can do it from your own home and in larger places as well.  I found a website called Hidden Resources ( )  with information on ways to develop and manage large scale composting sites. These larger sites are reducing the amount of waste put into our countries soil. This provides us with an approach to restoring larger areas of land and continue to expand the healthier soil.

Another program this website has is compost educational information providing knowledge and experience for at home composting systems and maintaining your compost in an effective way. This would benefit many tribal communities as well as University garden and composting projects for children.

Composting Education
Successful composting education requires a combined knowledge of the biological process, the latest
resource management and conservation management methods, creative presentation, and effective instructional techniques.
Hidden Resources designs composting education curricula, exhibits, and materials that stand apart
from most, taking into account adults, like children, learn and retain information better through visual, interactive fun, and original approaches.
Our team of associates includes experts in all areas of recycling, highly creative graphic designers and copywriters, and a pool of skilled professionals dedicated to teaching composting, conservation and resource management through the most compelling
and effective methods possible.

Tribal composting is a great way to encourage community recycling and preventing more pollution to the environment. This will save tribal members time and money on garbage having to pay for it to be taken away we can recycle materials in new ways.   pic1

      ” Some tribes have also found it useful to establish composting programs at specific tribal facilities such as the community garden, the local school, a tribal business such as the casino, or the elder center. This may be especially beneficial if these facilities produce large amounts of compostable materials such as food waste.” (2)

The benefits of composting outnumber the amount of work you must do. the results will encourage more people to get involved an use composting methods for fresh affordable food in their own garden. The composting methods is one of the best an easiest ways to restore the damage that has been done over the past century and preventing future damage from happening. Which is why i encourage composting even in the smallest ways.





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