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Environmental connections

trees our environment, the condition our earth is in,  has a big impact on climate change. the temperature is affected by the ground, especially now with how dry and damaged the earth is in most parts that are suffering from droughts. The (high heat) temperature makes it harder to keep the environment healthy and the weather becomes worse. The rainfall becomes more intense and weather causes flooding in many of those areas of drought. ” In 2012, there was estimated 11 million dollar damages from weather conditions” – Doug Kluck, meteorologist. Doug also mentioned how the weather is becoming more hard to predict with climate changes that affects not only our lives, but all of nature as well. The entire planet is experiencing changes due to the climate from the sea, to the mountain areas and the land that we live and farm on. One question in particular was “Are tribes ready for drought” ? This really made me think how I can prepare for the worst in the years to come when considering the environment that my family will be living in.


We also heard from Dr. White about biosequestration and how can prevent the damages being done to our earth. By preventing these damages people can prevent climate change and degradation of land. The low input, high diversity grassland can has the best proven results.


  1. inexpensive
  2. low risk
  3. reversable
  4. available
  5. protection from flooding
  6. increasing fertility

Listening to  the speakers I figured out that drought can lead to to climate change which will weaken the environment which is the cause of drought. So it remains this cycle of not restoring but continuing to kill the nutrition and supplements that grow naturally in the earth. When there is finally rainfall the water can not be absorbed from poor condition of the earth. Millions of acres being used for monoculture and sprayed with pesticides, that is what has been killing our Land, Water, and Air by contamination, through a deadly cycle.


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