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red rock water #1


I was interested in learning about  the water in my town Red Rock, Oklahoma. The only information that I came across online however;  was about water filtration systems. I am taking that as an indicator that the water in Red Rock is not suitable for the residents to drink. From personal experience I would also say the water isn’t suitable enough for drinking and questionable when bathing in it, because of the effects it can have on your skin, during certain times or allergic reactions for people with skin conditions.

“The process of water purification can remove several contaminants from homes. this list includes sand, parasites, calcium, fungi, algae, magnesium, lead, copper, and chromium. Purification can affect the waters smell, taste, and appearance which in turn makes the water safer and more effective for drinking, cooking, laundry, and bathing.” (untitedwatersystems,com/providers-redrock-ok.html)


I thought water that came through our tap systems at home had already filtered out most of these things. There would be some occasions where the water would contain contaminants that you could actually see and smell. My family has always bought water from the stores home for cooking and drinking.

the LAKE

the LAKE

When doing some research I also came across a site that had information about sooner lake. which is located approx 5-10 miles south of Red Rock, OK. where I grew up. At a smaller age we would swim and fish in the lake. The more recent times are different nobody ever swims in the lake, and when people do go out on a boat its for recreation. The local people do still fish in the lake but, there is mercury contaminants in the lake so they throw the fish back, its harmful to your body to eat the fish. Here are some numbers that i came across on the website.

2010 releases

222544.60099209 pounds of chemicals from OG&E

  • Mercury compounds 178.1 pounds = air/ water
  • Lead compounds  199.5 pounds = air
  • Barium compounds  7019 pounds  = air/water
  • Hydrochloric acid   26000 pounds  = air

2005 releases

293798.10121718 pounds of chemical from OG&E

  • Mercury compounds   219.4 pounds  = air/land
  • Lead compounds  458.7 pounds  = air/ land
  • Copper compounds  842 pounds = air/ land
  • Vanadium compounds 1173 = air/ land
  • Barium compound  19360 pounds  = air/ land/ water
  • Hydrochloric acid  32000 pounds  = air
  • Sulfuric acid  36000pounds = air
  • Hydrogen fluoride  200000 pounds  = air

Polluters were found using the Toxic Release Inventory Program. The goal of the Toxics Release Inventory program is to provide communities with information about toxic chemical releases and waste management activities and to support informed decision making at all levels by industry, government, non-governmental organizations, and the public.” (Environmental hazards,

It seems the environmental damage over the past 7 years has damaged much more than just the air, the water and land have also suffered from the toxic waste of the power plant. Its common for things like this to effect the ground water and possibly the towns water sources as well.

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