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water #10

i chose to write about water falls. they are some of the most beautiful nature made creations, even though some are man made. they supply the rivers ad oceans with runoff and melting snow, some are even made up of all natural fresh spring water. today there are so many contaminates in the earth from peoples yards, pesticides, and energy companies that dump into rivers the waterfalls are not as pure as they once were. the interesting thing i discovered about one waterfall is that is only has effect in certain months of the year. the other time it is either too dry or other reason that the waterfall does not flow.

Elsmore, Kansas – Bourbon Lake Falls:

This waterfall in the spillway at Bourbon State Fishing Lake is usually active from April through June.

After heavy rain, it is nothing short of spectacular. The 30′ falls was visible through the trees from the gravel road a quarter mile away.

 If you park on the road, it is only about a hundred yards to the falls. The best time to visit is April until early June.

Elsmore, Kansas - Bourbon Lake Falls




its would be interesting if there was a way to find out if this waterfall had ever been continuously running or was it always a season fall. also what affected the change and will there be signs of it restoring or is it slowly deteriorating?

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