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Thanksgiving day Meal

This year my son and I were unable to go home and eat with oour families. So instead we hung out in Lawrence KS with some of our friends. This was our first thanksgiving not with our family which was different because the food we usually prepare is not like the food we ate on Nov. 22, 2012. Thanksgiving meal is one of the best cooked meals all year, people are focused on the foosd during this holiday more than others. The food that my family usually prepares is the traditional Turkey and gravy, along with potatoes baked and mashed. We prepare many veggies and side dishes but the best part is all the desert. We usually have different pies like pumpkin and cherry and serve fruits and berries.

     This year we had different food, my friends are from the Oneida nation and we had wild rice, veggies and bread. They also had the traditional turkey and gravy but the side dishes were things that my son and I are not used to having. The desert was also good homemade pies, and to drink we had lemonade. I thought the food seemed healthy and it definately tasted great, I’m glad we were able to try something new.

   On my facebook feed i came across this image and it really got my attention. The idea of banning the holiday because Indians didnt get the same actions of kindness when they were unselfish and helpful to pilgrims and other europeans. 


 I also found this image and thought it was interesting because this is what you think of when someone brings up the first thanksgiving. In my opinion it was nothing like this but for the most part this is the typical american image of thanksgiving.

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