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Climate Change impacts on Tribes #7

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    Tribes experienced climate change in the mid- to late 1800’s. Many were relocated into areas that they had to adapt to. The tribes had no knowledge of the area that was to become their new home. The tribes were self-sufficient and lived sustainable lives in their Indigenous Culture. The Tribes never went hungry, or sick. There were many ways to harvest food, hunt game and natural remedies for medicinal purposes. The population was also decreased by a substantial amount. That affected the entire Identity and culture of Tribal people.

Today the Tribal Nations have established communities and they are not completely sustainable but have been making efforts. The American economy today has food prices increasing and climate change is affecting the way tribes buy, sell, and grow food is changing. The tribe I am from has begun to grow some garden foods, for the most part the food we eat is bought from the manufactures. The food that we feed our children and our elders is food purchased from groceries stores. We no longer hunt game,fish in the waters, or harvest foods like we once did.


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