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climate change impact on Food

Climate Change Impacts on Food


                The climate change here in Lawrence Kansas has caused impacts on local farms. There has been a major drought especially over the spring and summer seasons it has hurt the economy. I have noticed that many garden projects have been expanded or created to produce healthy affordable food for communities. That is one way climate change has impacted my view on food, I have really noticed and become interested in all the gardening projects, from the most recent to the earliest gardens.

                The Haskell garden has grown and gained much attention. I hope to see it become more developed and sustainable for students to model their own gardens at Home. The composting project will help the size increase because it can provide large amounts of fertile soil and the collection of compost is increasing. Students are really interested in the project and involved in the actions of composting and recycling. This will improve the entire campus in recycling and reducing garbage from the amounts of food composted.

   Climate change has been like a wake-up call to all our habits. Our eating habits especially if we can garden in our communities and produce enough food to sustain our families. This is a great alternative to buying manufactured and processed food from the store. If not just money, gardening can benefit in other ways also.

    The generation now, our children have been studied and are living shorter life spans because of the modern food choices in our diets. Fast-food or unhealthy processed food seems to be accessed more easily by families. In reality gardening gives you the most convenience and the healthiest choices for your family.

Talk about smart use of space—these young gardeners use their small urban backyard to grow vegetables and raise hens for eggs, saving a lot on grocery bills and ensuring daily access to healthy food.

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