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Clean water for students

An Elementary School in Georgia has experienced high arsenic levels in the water. Colquitt County School Board is considering a filtration system. The school sits on a vein that runs throughout the state so the school is trying to protect its students from exposure to the poison in the water. The new filtration system will be expensive but the high arsenic levels in the water continue to get worse. In my opinion it should be a requirement for the students that attend the school. The school system is fixing the situation instead of addressing the big picture as a community and reducing amounts of arsenic coming from the vein. There may be water that the rest of the town uses that is not confirmed safe. The filtration in the school ensures the safety of the children while they are at the school, but what happens when they go home and the same unsafe water is the resource.

                           “All the testing is not yet complete; however, we are taking a pro-active role to ensure the safety of our students and staff at Hamilton Elementary School,” the letter said. Because the levels do not seem to be improving, on Tuesday the Colquitt County School Board authorized purchasing a filtration system that will remove substances, including arsenic, from the water. One vendor has been contacted and provided a price of about $50,000 for the system. After checking with other vendors the system will make a decision soon” (1)

The next step should be to bring in the community and plan action against the vein and the water supply source that is can come in contact with. The actions may be costly but there will be no question to the safety of the water quality. The town would benefit from a plan to filter the water systems and protect their families from dangerous contaminants.


Alan Mauldin- The Moultrie Observer





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