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Tribes and Food #4

I have researched different tribal composting programs. The Ho-chunk tribe from Black River Falls, Wisconsin has had a program for a community compost site since 2007. This tribe has diverted 4 tons of garbage and waste from landfills=  into a community compost.

This effort was also a health intiative to address major concerns within the community. Composting is a way to address impacts in the environment and health of the community, as well as encourage gardening and healthier food choices. When we think of ways to become more sustainable we condsider the environment we live in. Our habits are influenced by our environment and since the climate and other major changes have been going on we must change our habits. Once people understand how to seperate their waste the next step is to recyle more efficiantly and restore environmental damages in our commuities.

Tribal funding along with the E.P.A. and Solid Waste Management Assistance GRants the composting program was created and the tribe has been collecting food scraps from their casino’s and distributing the compost to tribal community gardens first then individual farmers.


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