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sustainable projects #3

sustainable projects

There is a group named Sustainable Resources Group (SRG). They are a new group that have ideas to make major changes to the environment in ways that haven’t been addressed. One particular project that caught my attention is the project Brownsfield Restoration. SRG takes a creative approach to environmental remediation. Providing innovative, cost-effective clean-up of contaminated sites and develop ecologically-sound solutions for the reuse of land adversely affected by past use.

Service include:

  • Brownfield site clean-up and preparation
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • In-situ technologies (bioremediation, chemical oxidation and stabilization options)
  • Excavation and on site containment and capping
  • Excavation and off site contaminated waste disposal
  • Verification sampling and reporting
  • Long term site environmental monitoring

It will be a major change into our environmental impacts for communities that are in need of help and restoration; not only for their lives, but future generations. It only takes days to destroy the earth our environment and years to restore it so the earlier change is initiated the better the outcome will be.


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