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sustainable campus

   The rising cost of food has encouraged me to pay attention to every aspect of food, from growing, to harvesting and selling, as well as purchase and storing. The main source of food on our campus at Haskell Indian Nations University is our dining hall; Curtis Hall. It is government funded to provide healthy adequate food for the student body and some employee’s. 

  I have observed the normal functions of where the food comes from, how it is stored, and prepared. The biggest issue I have seen is how the food is disposed. All the leftover, uneaten food, is combined into garbage bags and thrown out. This is a major waste of food, it smells horrible and causes unnecessary pollution. 

  The project I chose to take on this semester is a composting system for the dining hall. It will decrease the amount of food being disposed in the garbage and increase the Haskell gardens. The compost will create fertile soil. We can increase the amount of fertile land that will improve the veggies and plants there. The larger compost can even enlarge the garden area by increasing the amount of fertile land to be planted with seeds for next years harvest and the years to follow. 

      It will not be an easy task to compost with the large amounts of food that are disposed up to three times a day, with the help of my group members and other volunteers it can be done. Anything worth doing is never easy and we understand that the impact we can have on our campus to become more sustainable. 


University Dining Services works to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in dining locations on campus. We’ve implemented programs like composting and fryer oil recycling to reduce our environmental footprint.


         “UDS composts kitchen and dining room waste in several locations on campus. Since the program’s inception in 2007, UDS has collected over 500 tons of compost.” (1) 




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